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When a SEO company makes a difference

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Let Us Guide You to the Head of the Pack

At BirdDog Marketing, we know just how hard it can be to earn the recognition you need when you're just getting started in the online marketplace. That's why our search engine specialists have dedicated their careers to refining their skills, finding the solutions that get you ahead, without leaving you in the dog house with Google. Our incredible devotion to delivering top of the range results is what makes us top dog with our customers. When you create your SEO and link-building campaign with BirdDog marketing, you not only get years of experience, but you also get the customized experience you need to build the ultimate personalized plan.

  • Technical/Website Audits: To rank the highest, you need to follow the guidelines that Google sets out for a sensational website. We perform a technical audit to find any online issues so that you can fix them quickly, and begin to boost your rank. We'll also pinpoint your Google "quality score", and come up with a personalized strategy for how you can enhance it, one update at a time.
  • Keyword Research: Keywords are a crucial part of the SEO/link building process. To begin your keyword campaign, we get to the bottom of what defines your company and search for the solutions that will drive the most qualified visitors your way, before carefully embedding keywords into each page of your website. Our on-page solutions optimize your content for you while maintaining your unique brand voice.
  • Focused Adjustments: At BirdDog Marketing, we don't just give you a list of issues you need to fix at the end of our audits, we'll execute SEO improvements on your behalf, filling gaps in your keyword strategy, and finding the opportunities where you can race ahead of your competitors.
  • Content Generation: Using our in-depth analysis of the keywords that could be most valuable to you, we create content with "top-of-funnel" intent designed to start strong conversations on your website. We can also use keywords with "bottom-of-funnel" intent to design focused landing pages for your website, perfect for cultivating more valuable, loyal customers.
  • Link Prospecting and Outreach: With link prospecting, you can make sure that you're delivering the right information while improving your ranking opportunities. We'll also find ways for companies to link back to you so that you can improve your Google quality score.
  • Manual promotions and Influencer Marketing: Aside from building a marvelous content marketing campaign for your website, we'll also find ways to get your content out there more successfully, through solutions like outreach and influencer marketing. We'll connect you with the people most likely to generate trust with your audience.
  • Monthly Reporting and Ongoing Adjustments: SEO and link-building aren't "set it and forget it" concepts. That's why at BirdDog marketing we deliver monthly reports to detail the traffic changes you've already experienced, and the updates you need to make to enhance your marketing strategies. We're with you every step of the way.


BirdDog Marketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization + social media services. In addition to handling digital marketing campaigns for clients, we help brick + mortar businesses increase their walk-in traffic.

CLIENTS testimonials

I recently got to work with Justin and his team and I have been so impressed with their ability to rank businesses at the top of Google, a skill which only the best SEOs can pull off. If you are looking for someone to help your company get to the next level then it's a no brainer … use Justin and BirdDog.
Paula Chess
Search Savvy SEO
I highly recommend Justin if you need SEO. He is very knowledgable and talented in driving traffic to your site. We have had a great relationship with Justin and because of his efforts, we are ranked #1 in our region for our keyword searches. We can't thank him enough for his help!
Clayton Turner
Touch Strategies


At BirdDog marketing, we live and breathe SEO. Over years of algorithm changes, search engine updates, and marketing trend transformations, we've honed our skills to the point where we can hunt down the best results in any industry. Today, we offer our clients a first-class pass into unlimited SEO expertise. There are never any promises when it comes to SEO ranking, which is why we don't waste our time with over-inflated claims. Instead, we invite our customers to see the results we can deliver for themselves. Our secret strategies have consistently earned our clients bigger, better, and more profitable results from their SEO campaigns.


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