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SEO company build from true professionals

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WHY WORK WITH BirdDog Marketing

So, why choose your friendly neighborhood marketing team to help with your SEO strategies? At BirdDog Marketing, we don't make promises, we deliver results. While there's no one-size-fits-all guarantee in the world of Search Engine rankings, our proven white hat campaigns have consistently delivered each of our customers 20%, 40%, 60% more traffic - month after month. We're not just your standard marketing mutt. We believe in working alongside our clients, together, from the original conception of their SEO plan, all the way through to reputation management. BirdDog marketing shares every step of the journey with you, from the secret and exclusive tactics we're using to build your traffic, to the incredible results you're earning every day.


We believe in growth marketing. To achieve “growth”, there needs to be a perfectly defined process or framework dictating the exact execution. Everything we do is based on processes proven to deliver results.


We believe in marketing at scale. To achieve “scale”, you need knowledge, process and people. BirdDog is built for growth marketing in any industry. We’re young, hungry and just getting started.


We believe in people. Growth comes when your peoplethink outside the box and constantly look for a better way to do things. Our people are highly trained, autonomous and empowered to think aggressively.

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Mastering the art of online marketing is no simple task. We've spent countless hours running tests, sipping coffee, and getting to the bottom of what makes a good website, incredible. That means that we've got the know-how to take the hard work and frustration of digital marketing off your shoulders. We've taken the time to analyze the latest search engine patterns on your behalf, meaning that we can save you years of turmoil, and deliver results fast! Our simple, streamlined, and effective approach will deliver oodles of organic traffic straight to your door, expanding your reach to the most profitable prospects in your space.

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